‘Let Us Continue To Help Refugees, Pray For Peace And Be Peacemakers’ – Patriarch Daniel of Romania

Pic - https://basilica.ro/

Pic – https://basilica.ro/

OCP News Service – 8/3/21

Bucharest-Romania: Patriarch Daniel of Romania extended his call to help refugees from Ukraine and to pray for peace and peace makers, in a sermon delivered on the 7th of March 2022.

“It is necessary to cultivate the peace of our hearts and to pray for peace between people. Help for refugees from Ukraine were organized throughout the Romanian Orthodox Church. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have entered our country, fleeing the war. Since they entered Romania, they have been greeted with great compassion, friendship and solidarity by representatives of the dioceses of the Romanian Orthodox Church, who have offered their help. In the current context, marked by violence and much suffering in Ukraine, it is still necessary to help Ukrainian refugees who transit through Romania or stay here for a while. At the same time, we are called to increase our prayers to God so that the war may end and there may be peace, so that the refugees may return to their homeland” added the Patriarch.

OCP News Service

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