Charity Outreach of the Moldovan Orthodox Church Benefit Over 15000 Ukrainian Refugees

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OCP News Service – 22/3/22

Chișinău- Moldova: Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine, the Moldovan Orthodox Church has been at the forefront of helping and supporting Ukrainian Refugees as well as the remaining citizens in Ukraine. The refugee outreach is being coordinated by the Synodal Sector Social Activity and Charity.

So far the charity has benefited over 15,000 Ukrainian citizens, and the total value of the support provided has reached an amount of 6,450,000 lei (13,04,459 Euros).

The Church distributes 2000 hot food pots, lunch, accommodation, free transportation, food and hygiene packages, children’s toys, fruits, sweets, blankets, towels, linen, pillows, clothes for women, men and children, books, activity books for children and students, school supplies and other essentials.

OCP News Service

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