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Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society – Annual Activity Report (2021) Published

OCP- April 1, 2022

OCP News Service - 1/4/22 Global: We are delighted to present to you the annual activity report of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society for the ... Read More

Watch Now – ‘UNMASKING THE SYRIACS’ – Featuring Jeevan Philip

OCP- March 27, 2022

OCP News Service - 27/3/22 Global: Watch the second episode of Creative Orthodox Corner "Pan-Orthodox Space for Creative Content Creators", featuring Jeevan Philip, author of ... Read More

Watch Now – Featuring Man of God – Conversation With Yelena Popovic & Alexandros Potter

OCP- March 27, 2022

OCP News Service - 27/3/22 Global: OCP Youtube channel has launched the first episode of the newly launched show Creative Orthodox Corner.  The first episode ... Read More

Director Yelena Popovic Discusses Filmmaking with Theologian Dr. John G. Panagiotou

OCP- March 15, 2022

Yelena Popovic (L) and Dr. John G. Panagiotou (R). OCP News Service - 15/3/22 New York-USA: Man of God' movie writer/director Yelena Popovic sits down ... Read More

Watch Now ‘The State of the Orthodox Christian World’ Conversation with Donn George Varghese (OCP)

OCP- February 13, 2022

OCP News Service - Adebabay World - 13/2/2022 Global: Conversation with Donn George Varghese (Director- Dept. of Public Relations and Information Services) of the Orthodoxy ... Read More

Watch Now – ‘Pan-Orthodox Round Table’ with Hieromonk Stefan (Igumnov)

OCP- February 12, 2022

OCP News Service - 12/2/2022 Global: Watch now Pan-Orthodox Round Table with Hieromonk Stefan (Secretary of the Inter-Christian Relations of the Dept. of External Church ... Read More

OCP Secretary George Alexander Steps Down After 14 Years in Role

OCP- January 6, 2022

George Alexander. File Image - OCP Media Network OCP News Service - 6/1/2022 Global: George Alexander, the Secretary of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society) ... Read More

The New OCP (Pan-Orthodox Society) Portal Launched by Dr. John G. & Correna A. Panagiotou

OCP- January 3, 2022

OCP News Service - 03/01/2022 South Carolina - USA: Dr John G. & Correna A. Panagiotou had the honour of inaugurating the worldwide launch of ... Read More

OCP Delegates Took Part in OSI World Seminar

OCP- December 18, 2021

  OCP News Service - 8/12/2021 OCP Delegates Took Part in OSI World Conference on 'Deconstruction and Construction of Societies 2021 Global - OCP News ... Read More